Yangshuo Rock includes

  • More than 2000 full color photographs and 12 detailed maps with helpful locator photos and hotspots.
  • 43 crags with 800 routes organized geographically into 10 areas.
  • Complete weather and crag data allows you to get the most out of your time in Yangshuo.
  • Travel information straight from the locals who live in Yangshuo.
  • General information about 5 other regional climbing locations including Getu and LiMing.
  • Chinese history and cultural introductions like folklore and ancestry as well as personal stories from many local climbers.
  • Over 30 pages of text portraying the short yet vivid history of how rock climbing began and thrived in China, especially Yangshuo.

Yangshuo Rock Climbing

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    Overall Perspective

    Yangshuo is the most popular international rock climbing destination within China. The local karst topography offers a lifetime of crags unique in rock formations, atmosphere, and scenery. Potential development is limitless and only bound by imagination.

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    Exciting Climbing Atmosphere

    From the center of town, a 15-minute bike ride through lush green breath-taking scenery will have your body warmed-up and your mind relaxed to tackle the days’ project. Be here now and feel the psych emanating from the community of travelers at your side.

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    Something For Everyone

    The limestone rock of Yangshuo caters to everyone’s preferred climbing style from grade 5.5/4 to 5.14d/9a. There is steep pumpy terrain, technical edgy face climbs, and 3D body torqueing routes.

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    International Notoriety

    Yangshuo is the largest climbing destination in Asia. It has been repeatedly featured in climbing films as well as magazines and continues to attract professional climbers from around the globe.

Yangshuo Rock is a thoroughly researched guidebook with plenty of eye-popping photography on almost every page. The organizational detail is evident in route information, climbing history, and cultural introduction. It sells Yangshuo wonderfully."
8a 2/2017
New routes continue to be developed as climbers …embrace their vision and …explore the ruggedness that makes China’s outback so enticing."
Zach Montague
New York Times 6/2016
Climbing and traveling in China and Yangshuo is without doubt one of the best climbing trips I have ever been on. There is a lifetime of climbing, it has a safe but adventurous feel, and culturally it is quite mind-blowing."
Gaz Parry
Climber Magazine 2/2016
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Yangshuo Town

Could be the next place you call home

Yangshuo’s charm is derived from its location and culture of the local people. The town is nestled on the banks of the meandering Li River and surrounded almost entirely by abrupt karst towers. Cultural history dates to almost 2000 years ago and has since grown into an endearing domestic escape from the bustle of everyday city life.

This eccentric mix of ancient culture, scenery, and upbeat metropolitan tourists has allowed Yangshuo to host an array of amenities rivaled by few and far between. Rock climbing, the engaging nightlife, and glimpses of an old lifestyle, create an experience unlike anywhere else in the world.


About the Author

Andrew Hedesh has been living in Yangshuo for almost a decade. He arrived in South China and immediately felt at ease with culture and place. Since then, he has devoted his life to the development of rock climbing and outdoor sports within China. He travels extensively searching for the next destination and has found himself putting up First Ascents in many of them. Andrew’s vision for Yangshuo Rock is to promote one of the best rock climbing locations in the world.

Yangshuo Climbing Guide